What is the difference between Molen and Bolen cakes?

Maybe not many people understand the difference between molen and banana bolen. Well, here are the basic differences between the two.

Those of you who like bananas are certainly familiar with these two processed fruits that have a lot of carbohydrates. Bolen and Molen, have you ever tasted it? At first glance, the two of them do not look different. Even with the name. However, bolen and molen seem to have significant differences.


This one snack is generally found from the afternoon on the side of the road as street food. Usually, banana molen sellers will fry directly on the spot to be served to buyers. The shape of the molen is almost like a cement mixer, but about the size of a snail shell.

The raw materials for molen skin consist of wheat flour, refined sugar, margarine, vanilla, and ice water. After kneading and forming into sheets, this dough is then wrapped around the banana that has been cut into pieces.

Now, molen has undergone several modifications in terms of texture, becoming drier and crunchier. The sizes and contents are also increasingly diverse. Some of the content modifications on the market today include green beans, sweet potatoes, cheese and strawberry jam.


Initially, banana bolen was a souvenir from Bandung. However, now you can find these legit snacks everywhere, from those sold on the side of the road to being displayed in famous shop windows.

The basic ingredients for banana bolen consist of pastry flour, plantain, block chocolate, grated cheese, and liquid milk. Pastry flour is used as a dough for wrapping bananas and chocolate. Then, before baking, bolen is given grated cheese on top.

These various ingredients make banana bolen have a sweet and savory taste that is so tempting. Pastry flour made from wheat flour, margarine, water, sugar and korsvet to form a layered bolen shell. Some banana bolen even contain chocolate when bitten.

You could say, bolen is a more premium processed banana than molen. However, over time, bolen became easier to find. In some cities, you can even find bolen that are sold around using a cart, or even in snack box jakarta

Between the two, which processed banana is your favorite?

Depay Tergiur Rayuan Barca

Striker itu hampir pindah ke Catalunya selama musim panas dan senang melihat namanya dikaitkan dengan Barcelona.

Striker Lyon dan Belanda Memphis Depay mengaku sulit melewatkan kesempatan pindah ke Barcelona.

Depay, 26, telah terbukti sukses besar di Lyon sejak pindah ke klub Ligue 1 pada 2017 setelah gagal memenuhi ekspektasi di Manchester United.

Penyerang itu mencetak 19 gol dalam musim penuh pertamanya di kompetisi tertinggi Prancis dan, pada 2019-20, menjadi bagian penting dari perjalanan timnya ke semifinal Liga Champions, mencetak enam gol dalam delapan penampilan saat Lyon mengalahkan Juventus dan Juventus. Mimpi Manchester City sebelum Eropa mereka diakhiri oleh Bayern Munich di empat besar.

Barcelona telah lama dikaitkan dengan layanan Depay, dan akan mengikat transfer selama musim panas tetapi karena gaji bintang itu mendorong tim Catalan yang kekurangan uang melebihi anggaran.

Blaugrana harus memangkas skuad mereka lebih lanjut untuk mendanai transfer pemain baru sekaliber striker, tetapi jika kepindahan itu ada di meja, Depay akan mempertimbangkannya dengan sangat hati-hati.

“Saya tidak tahu tentang Barca. Pasar transfer tidak terbuka. Saya tidak memikirkannya,” kata Depay kepada wartawan setelah bermain imbang 1-1 dengan Spanyol, Rabu.

“Saya berusaha memberikan yang terbaik, bermain bagus untuk menjadi pemain yang lebih baik. Ada banyak spekulasi di luar sana.

“Siapa yang tidak suka bermain di sana? Mereka adalah salah satu tim terbaik di dunia. Semua orang ingin bermain di sana, tapi saya tidak memikirkannya.”

Benefits of Registering Copyright in Indonesia

Registering a copyright is not an obligation of every citizen, but a right. Therefore, the decision to register a copyright on the work made rests entirely with the individual, group, or creator’s institution. It is a necessary action to register your copyright to prevent copyright infringement Indonesia.

Benefits of Registering Copyright

However, if the work that is produced has the potential or is deliberately made to take economic value, then this is where the role and benefits of registering copyright and trademark will come. This is related to the protection against copyright infringement Indonesia function. By first registering copyrights and trademarks with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property, there is no need to worry about other parties who can sabotage and take advantage of a work that was painstakingly constructed.

Besides the protection function, the benefit of registering copyright and trademark with DKJI is an economic function. If there is another party who wants to use a trademark that has been registered with a copyright or trademark for certain purposes such as marketing, that party must first ask the author for permission. The creator also has the authority to reject or agree with certain cooperation such as an amount of money to be paid or so on.

Copyright Registration Procedure

Copyright registration procedures in Indonesia are not complicated. While fulfilling the requirements and carrying out the process according to procedures such as the following, the copyright management process does not take too long.

1. Prepare the following administrative requirements.

    Fill out the registration form.

    Attach a work example and a description of the work being requested.

    Attach proof of citizenship of the creator or copyright holder.

    Attach proof of legal entity if the applicant is a legal entity.

    Attach a power of attorney if the application is made by proxy.

    Pay the application fee.

2. After completing these requirements, DKJI will conduct an administrative examination. The complete file will be evaluated immediately to determine whether it is registered or rejected.

If an incomplete document is found, then the applicant is given the opportunity to complete it within three months. If within the specified time period the applicant is unable to complete, the application will be rejected.

3. After the application is evaluated and registered, DKJI will issue a registration letter for the creation.

Most Commons Wedding Catering Menu in Jakarta

1. Various preparations of soup

The fresh taste of soto soup is commonly served for wedding catering jakarta menus in buildings. Such as Soto Lamongan, Madura, Betawi, Suci and Soto Mie Bogor. If you are bored, you can try the Coto Makassar dish

2. Various kinds of rice

There are many types of processed rice that can be served besides white rice. For example, rames rice, liwet rice, Hong Kong fried rice, red fried rice to brown fried rice.

3. Processed Satay

Various processed satay are still a favorite, such as chicken satay and goat satay. You can also replace it with taichan sate.

4. Various processed chicken

Such as grilled chicken with Balinese spices, butter fried chicken, rujak seasoned chicken, cheese coated chicken and cusnut chicken. There are also other types of processed chicken, such as chicken teriyaki, chicken cordon bleu and so on.

5. Various processed meats

There are many types of beef processed to be used as a wedding catering menu in the building. Such as soy sauce, teriyaki, rica2, steak, rolade, black pepper meat, krengseng meat, oyster sauce cooked beef to kailan beef.

6. Various processed noodles

There are many types of noodles that can be made as the main dish at weddings. For example, spaghetti, seafood noodles and fried noodles are very famous for their deliciousness.

7. Processed various types of fish

Such as sweet and sour fish dishes, tuna rica-rica, sweet and sour snapper or fillet snapper with red spices.

8. Various kinds of soup

For example, chicken sausage soup, kimlo soup, corn chicken soup, rib soup, beef soup and oxtail soup. Or soup that is on the rise, zuppa soup. Zuppa soup is a soup dish filled with warm corn and chicken and then topped with cream-filled bread.

9. Processed vegetables

This preparation is suitable for vegetarians, and the taste is no less delicious. Examples include capcay, gado-gado, Bangkok slada and other types of vegetables.

Other wedding catering jakarta menus that are no less favorite are meatballs, macaroni schotel, corean BBQ and so on. It depends on the tastes and interests of the owner.

You can serve the following side dishes in the wedding catering menu list in the building:

● Know gejrot

● Chicken wings

● Pempek Palembang

● Seblak spicy

● Siomay

● Prawn crackers or chips

● Bridal salad

In arranging buffet type foods, do the way to arrange the buffet menu properly. Try to use one raw material for one type of food only.

You can choose various lists of wedding catering jakarta menus above, of course, according to the theme that is carried. Make sure everything is presented properly, as a form of gratitude for the presence of the invited guests.

Intellectual Property and Public Awareness of its Functions

As the creativity-based industry grows, the public should be aware of the important role of intellectual property rights.

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26 every year. Intellectual Property Day is better known in Indonesia as HKI or HaKI. HaKI has been commemorated since 2010.

What is meant by an intellectual property here is copyright or patent on a work/product. These rights arise from the work or the process of producing someone’s product.

Intellectual property rights, of course, serve to emphasize the economic and academic rights of a person. Rights cases that have an impact on welfare.

Quoting Voinews.com, awareness related to intellectual property was first introduced at the birth of the Paris Convention for patent, trademark, and design issues. That happened in 1883. Furthermore, in 1886 the Berne Convention was born on copyright issues.

Both conventions aim to create standardization, minimum protection, and procedures for obtaining rights.

After that, the United Nations International Bureau for the protection of intellectual property emerged. This UN agency is currently known as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The purpose of celebrating IPR is to raise awareness of people around the world. The public needs to be aware of the importance of intellectual property rights. That is why, discussion with law firm Indonesia is needed.

Intellectual property includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, and an idea or industrial design.

The existence of copyright and patent protection plays a role in encouraging innovation and creativity. Especially for workers in the creative industry.

Launching Antaranews.com, Deputy of IPR Facilities and Regulation of the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Ari Juliano Gema, assesses that IPR is the core of the creative economy industry.

It is important to register a person’s IPR for his product or work. Of course, to protect their innovative products.

However, there are still a few creative economy actors who protect their products. The cause is a lack of awareness and understanding of IPR. That’s why law firm Jakarta need to educated the public

“From the beginning, there was very little understanding of HaKI, so there was no awareness to protect it,” he said.

In commemoration of World Intellectual Property Day this year, Indonesia takes the theme “Proud to Use the Original”. Through this theme, Indonesia seeks to campaign against piracy.

In addition, the promotion of the importance of HaKI is also included so that people start to realize and understand. So, creative economy entrepreneurs can register their work.

“From 2016 it was 11 percent (who registered). Hopefully, by the end of 2019 or 2020 it will reach 50 percent, ”concluded Ari.

In 2016, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo enacted a regulation on patent and trademark rights.

Patent-related regulations are contained in Law no. 13 of 2016 concerning Patents. Meanwhile, related to brands, there is Law no. 20 of 2016 concerning Brands and Geographical Indications.

Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia are managed by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. Intellectual property, of course, has an impact on the originality of the work.

Pihak Chris Burden Tuntut Pengelola Taman Hiburan di Indonesia Karena Copyright Infringement

Properti mendiang artis Chris Burden menggugat sebuah taman hiburan di Indonesia karena masalah copyright infringement. Dalam gugatan yang diajukan pada 4 Juni, properti Burden menuduh pemilik dan operator Rabbit Town, sebuah objek wisata di kota Bandung, menyalin salah satu karya Burden yang paling terkenal, Urban Light (2008), yang menampilkan 202 lampu jalan yang telah direstorasi secara permanen. 

dipasang dalam pola grid di alun-alun di depan Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Salah satu objek wisata Rabbit Town yang paling fotogenik dari banyak objek wisata ramah Instagram adalah rangkaian lampu jalan yang dijuluki "Love Light". 

Tanah milik Burden menyerukan agar pemasangannya dihapus, Rabbit Town untuk mengeluarkan permintaan maaf, dan untuk kompensasi "untuk kerugian material dan immateriil" untuk real Burden, menurut siaran pers. Dalam sebuah pernyataan, direktur eksekutif Burden Estate Yayoi Shionoiri mengatakan: Kami mengetahui jumlah kreativitas artistik, waktu, energi, dan biaya yang dikeluarkan untuk menciptakan Urban Light.

 Rabbit Town tidak pernah meminta izin untuk menggunakan hak cipta Chris Burden, dan haknya sebagai artis perlu dilindungi.

Rabbit Town telah menghadapi tuduhan penuh dengan penipuan sejak dibuka pada tahun 2018. Atraksi lainnya termasuk instalasi dan pahatan yang sangat menggugah karya Yayoi Kusama, dan ruang dengan lampu gantung berbentuk kerucut es krim yang sangat mirip dengan sebuah instalasi di Museum of Ice Cream. Urban Light telah menjadi atraksi Los Angeles yang ikonik sejak dipasang di luar LACMA pada tahun 2008, dan merupakan simbol dari instalasi berskala besar yang secara teknis rumit yang merupakan ciri khas dekade-dekade terakhir karir Burden; yang lain, Metropolis II dari tahun 2010, 

menampilkan sekitar 100.000 mobil yang berputar-putar di sekitar model skala kota dan dalam pandangan jangka panjang di dalam museum. Karya sebelumnya termasuk karya seni pertunjukan yang melelahkan dan berbahaya di mana ia ditembak, dipaku ke kap mobil, dan merangkak di atas pecahan kaca, di antara prestasi lainnya. Burden meninggal pada 2015 pada usia 69 tahun.

Menu Catering Nikahan Paling Populer di Indonesia

kamu bisa memilih berbagai rekomendasi menu berikut ini sesuai dengan kriteria atau keinginanmu. Tentunya rekomendasi ini tidak wajib kamu pilih, namun bisa jadi bahan pertimbangan kamu dalam menentukan menu catering weddingmu!

Kambing Guling

Kambing guling adalahmenu makanan yang menjadi favorit banyak oprang. Makanan asal Timur Tengah ini bisa menjadikan menjadi menu makanan pilihan di ara pernikahanmu. Tekstur daging yang empuk, cita rasa yang lezat, proses memasak yang membutuhkan waktu lama dan menghasilkan daging kambing yang tidak memiliki aroma kambing menyengat.


Menu makanan khas Padang ini memiliki rasa dan tekstur yang pas untuk menjadi menu pilihan di acara pernikahanmu. Proses memasaknya yang lama membuat daging rendang bisa tahan sampai berhari-hari.

Salad Buah

Salad buah merupakan makanan favorit seluruh masyarakat Indonesia. Bahan utamanya yang menggunakan buah-buahan segar diberi tambahan susu, keju, mayonais dan beberapa topping, menjadikan salad buah termasuk hidnagan paling diminati. Bahkan rata-rata, setiap penyedia jasa paket catering pernikahan Surabaya, salad buah menjadi menu promosi andalan.

Ayam Teriyaki

Siapa yang tidak suka dengan daging ayam? Meski daging ayam menjadi pantangan dari beberapa orang, tetapi ayam masih menjadi makanan favorit hingga kini. Nah, apalgi jika daging ayam dipadukan dengan saus teriyaki yang berasal drai Jepang ini, tentu sangat pas menjadi hidangan pernikahanmu.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng merupakan makanan tradisional selain nasi tumpeng yang paling banyak diminati orang Indonesia. bahkan orang luar negeri pun juga menyukai masakan khas Indonesia ini.jadi tidak heran apabila nasi goreng menjadi menu andalan yang bisa anda pilih di paket catering Pernikahan Surabaya.

Es Dawet

Siapa yang tidak mengenal salah satu minuman paling legendaris ini? Saat ini es dawet, sudah mulai dikenal di berbagai daerah Jawa bahkan sampai keluar pulau Jawa. Minuman ini menjadi minuman pilihan untuk hidangan istimewa di acara pernikahanmu.


Bagi kamu yang tinggal di daerah Surabaya tentu tidak asing dengan makanan tradisional ini. banyak ditemui penjual gado-gado di berbagai tempat di Surabaya. Makanan yang berisi lontong dan sayuran rebus ini menjadi hidangan tradisional paling populer dna banyak dipilih. Selian cara pembuatannya yang simpel, gado-gado juga sangat digemari banyak orang di seluruh wilayah Indonesia.


Softdrink atau disebut dengan air soda merupakan salah satu minuman soda yang menjadi favorit anak muda hingga kini.

Es Buah

Minuman penutup yang sangat simple ini bisa kamu masukkan dalam daftar menu pilihanmu loh! siapa yang tidak suka dengan es buah? Minuman khas Indonesia yang beriis buah-buahan dengan isian bergam buah segar layak menjadi minuman favorit di acar pernikahanmu nanti.

Setelah menyimak uraian diatas, sudahkah kamu menentukan menu pilihannmu untuk catering pernikahan? Jika belum, tentukan sekarang juga dengan matang ya!

Mengapa Perusahaan Membutuhkan SD-WAN?

Menurut laporan SD-WAN Forecast and Opportunity: How They Will Disrupt The Router Market yang dirilis oleh Garner, sekitar 30% pebisnis menggunakan produk SD-WAN di semua kantor cabangnya pada akhir 2019. Bagi perusahaan yang cakupan bisnisnya cukup luas dan memiliki kantor cabang di beberapa daerah memiliki kebutuhan khusus bagaimana mengintegrasikan data dari kantor pusat ke kantor cabang, dan integrasi perusahaan dalam mengakses system yang ditempatkan di luar infrastrukturnya contohnya didalam cloud.

Untuk menjawab masalah tersebut, diperlukan sebuah solusi jaringan bernama software defined networing (SDN) in a wide area network (WAN) atau SD-WAN. Secara sederhana, SD-WAN merupakan solusi penyederhanaan manajemen dan operasional perangkat untuk jaringan dengan area yang lebih luas.

Solusi SD-WAN memudahkan sebuah perusahaan untuk mengembangkan jaringan komputernya ke area yang lebih luas, termasuk menghubungkan kantor cabang di remote area dengan data di kantor pusat dan kantor lainnya. SD-WAN tentunya juga menggunakan Control Plane terpusat dengan perangkat yang terpisah dari perangkat Forwarding Plane. Hal ini memungkinkan pengguna melakukan pengaturan data mana yang menjadi prioritas dalam lalu-lintas data.

Fungsi ini menjadi solusi bagi perusahaan yang memperluas area jaringan mereka. Karena saat memperluas jaringan, beberapa tantangan yang harus dihadapi perusahaan dalam operasionalnya seperti kemacetan jaringan hingga tak mendapat jaringan karena harus melewati beberapa jaringan lintas provider.

Dengan menggunakan solusi SD-WAN, perusahaan bisa mendapatkan berbagai manfaat. Benefit pertama yang bisa didapatkan adalah efisiensi karena penerapan SD-WAN bisa mengurangi biaya operasional lantaran perusahaan bisa beralih ke jalur broadband seperti serat, kabel, DSL, hingga seluler dibanding menggunakan Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS).

Selain biaya yang lebih murah, solusi SD-WAN juga menawarkan jaringan dengan performa tinggi namun tetap aman. Pada sebuah solusi SD-WAN, biasanya terdapat fitur keamanan yang berfungsi menjaga keamanan jaringan dari ancaman luar. Selain itu, pengguna juga bisa memanfaatkan seluruh jaringan dengan mengatur alokasi lalu-lintas data sesuai kebutuhan agar lebih optimal.

Penyerang Persija Incar Messi Demi Duet Maut

Mega bintang asal Argentina, Lionel Messi sedang dalam sorotan setelah dikabarkan tidak akan melanjutkan kontraknya bersama Barcelona.

Lionel Messi disebut-sebut sudah mengajukan surat kepada para direksi klub untuk meninggalkan skuat Blaugrana.

Berbagai klub besar di Eropa mulai dihubung-hubungkan bakal menjadi pelabuhan baru pemain berusia 33 tahun tersebut.

Kabar tersebut langsung menjadi perbincangan para pecinta sepak bola diseluruh dunia, tak terkecuali di Indonesia.

Penyerang sayap Persija Jakarta, Riko Simanjuntak menyarankan kepada Lionel Messi untuk bergabung dengan tim Macan Kemayoran.

Hal tersebut diharapkan bisa terjadi agar Riko Simanjuntak bisa berduet dengan idolanya di sepak bola yakni Lionel Messi.

“Kalau menurut saya, Messi ini lebih bagus ke Persija biar kami bisa duet,” kata Riko saat dikonfirmasi awak media.

Menurut Riko, jika hal tersebut bisa terjadi maka bisa menjadi berita bola besar di sepak bola dunia.

Sebab, pemain bintang sekelas Lionel Messi bisa bergabung dengan tim Indonesia Persija Jakarta.

Selain itu, Riko yakin masyarakat di dunia akan memberikan sorotan luar biasa bagi timnya jika semuanya bisa terlaksana.

Terlebih, di Persija Jakarta sudah memiliki Riko Simanjuntak yang sering mengancam pertahanan tim lawan.

Duet mau Riko Simanjuntak sejatinya akan menjadi andalan baru yang tak terkalahkan di sepak bola Indonesia.

Aksi Riko Simanjuntak melewati pemain lawan di laga melawan Persipura (Warta Kota/Umar Widodo)

“Biar dunia ini begitu gempar kalau kami duet. Ini serius banget,” ujar Riko menambahkan.

Kendati demikian, keinginan pribadi Riko Simanjuntak yang ingin berduet dengan Lionel Messi diyakini akan sulit terjadi.

Sebab, saat ini Persija Jakarta sudah memiliki empat pemain asing yang didaftarkan ke PSSI dan PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB).

Keempat pemain asing itu adalah Marko Simic (Kroasia), Marco Motta (Italia), Marc Klok (Belanda), dan Rohit Chand (Nepal).

Selain itu, untuk mendatangkan Lionel Messi diperlukan biaya besar yang tidak sedikit.

Hal tersebut akan sangat mustahil bagi tim-tin Indonesia yang ingin merekrutnya dalam waktu dekat.

5 Viral Middle Eastern “Catering Prasmanan” Menu in Indonesia

The development of the culinary world is indeed increasingly unstoppable in Indonesia. Various food menus ranging from local to foreign dishes have become diverse, so that we can taste them without having to go to the country of origin of the food. 

One type of foreign cuisine that is quite popular in Indonesia is food from the Middle East. This Arabic culinary is in great demand by Indonesians because of its rich taste with strong spices on the tongue. The following are some typical Middle Eastern or Arabic menus that are quite popular in Indonesia.
1. Kebuli rice
Kebuli rice is certainly no stranger to Indonesia. This dish, which has a savory taste and is rich in spices, is cooked using mutton, goat broth and goat's milk. As a complement, kebuli rice is served with pickles, raisins and chili sauce. The dish that has become the "catering kantoran" menu which is commonly made by "agen catering jakarta" is the result of acculturation of Arabic culture in Indonesia.

Nasi Kebuli is commonly found in catering prasmanan vendors such as Thinkasia or catering santi.

2. Kebab
Kebab is a typical Middle Eastern food with a composition of grilled meat, fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumber, chili sauce, and mayonnaise rolled in a tortilla. The meat that is usually used is mutton, beef, or chicken. In Indonesia, kebabs are easily found in various catering buffets during weddings or on roadside or in front of mini markets.

3. Bread of Maryam
The shape of the maryam bread is similar to roti canai (Aceh) and roti Japati (Indian bread) because it is made from the same dough, namely from wheat flour, eggs, and butter. For those of you who are sweet lovers, you can eat Maryam bread with sugar or honey. The curry which has a spicy and savory taste can be used as a companion for eating Maryam bread. Various choices of other flavors of Maryam bread are easily found in Indonesia, including chocolate, cheese, nuts, and meat.

4.Samboosa or samosas 
 This triangular and crunchy cake is made of minced meat stir-fried with spices and vegetables in the form of potatoes, onions, coriander, peas, then wrapped in spring rolls and fried. Samosas are a great snack to enjoy. 

5. Hummus 
The food, which is puree, porridge or dipping sauce, is made from mashed soybeans, lentini, tahini (ground sesame), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Hummus is usually eaten with dry pita bread and vegetables. To make it look beautiful, Hummus is served with tomato slices, chickpeas, tortillas placed in the middle. How to enjoy it by tearing a little pita bread and then dipping it in hummus.