5 Viral Middle Eastern “Catering Prasmanan” Menu in Indonesia

The development of the culinary world is indeed increasingly unstoppable in Indonesia. Various food menus ranging from local to foreign dishes have become diverse, so that we can taste them without having to go to the country of origin of the food. 

One type of foreign cuisine that is quite popular in Indonesia is food from the Middle East. This Arabic culinary is in great demand by Indonesians because of its rich taste with strong spices on the tongue. The following are some typical Middle Eastern or Arabic menus that are quite popular in Indonesia.
1. Kebuli rice
Kebuli rice is certainly no stranger to Indonesia. This dish, which has a savory taste and is rich in spices, is cooked using mutton, goat broth and goat's milk. As a complement, kebuli rice is served with pickles, raisins and chili sauce. The dish that has become the "catering kantoran" menu which is commonly made by "agen catering jakarta" is the result of acculturation of Arabic culture in Indonesia.

Nasi Kebuli is commonly found in catering prasmanan vendors such as Thinkasia or catering santi.

2. Kebab
Kebab is a typical Middle Eastern food with a composition of grilled meat, fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumber, chili sauce, and mayonnaise rolled in a tortilla. The meat that is usually used is mutton, beef, or chicken. In Indonesia, kebabs are easily found in various catering buffets during weddings or on roadside or in front of mini markets.

3. Bread of Maryam
The shape of the maryam bread is similar to roti canai (Aceh) and roti Japati (Indian bread) because it is made from the same dough, namely from wheat flour, eggs, and butter. For those of you who are sweet lovers, you can eat Maryam bread with sugar or honey. The curry which has a spicy and savory taste can be used as a companion for eating Maryam bread. Various choices of other flavors of Maryam bread are easily found in Indonesia, including chocolate, cheese, nuts, and meat.

4.Samboosa or samosas 
 This triangular and crunchy cake is made of minced meat stir-fried with spices and vegetables in the form of potatoes, onions, coriander, peas, then wrapped in spring rolls and fried. Samosas are a great snack to enjoy. 

5. Hummus 
The food, which is puree, porridge or dipping sauce, is made from mashed soybeans, lentini, tahini (ground sesame), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Hummus is usually eaten with dry pita bread and vegetables. To make it look beautiful, Hummus is served with tomato slices, chickpeas, tortillas placed in the middle. How to enjoy it by tearing a little pita bread and then dipping it in hummus.

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