Intellectual Property and Public Awareness of its Functions

As the creativity-based industry grows, the public should be aware of the important role of intellectual property rights.

World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated on April 26 every year. Intellectual Property Day is better known in Indonesia as HKI or HaKI. HaKI has been commemorated since 2010.

What is meant by an intellectual property here is copyright or patent on a work/product. These rights arise from the work or the process of producing someone’s product.

Intellectual property rights, of course, serve to emphasize the economic and academic rights of a person. Rights cases that have an impact on welfare.

Quoting, awareness related to intellectual property was first introduced at the birth of the Paris Convention for patent, trademark, and design issues. That happened in 1883. Furthermore, in 1886 the Berne Convention was born on copyright issues.

Both conventions aim to create standardization, minimum protection, and procedures for obtaining rights.

After that, the United Nations International Bureau for the protection of intellectual property emerged. This UN agency is currently known as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The purpose of celebrating IPR is to raise awareness of people around the world. The public needs to be aware of the importance of intellectual property rights. That is why, discussion with law firm Indonesia is needed.

Intellectual property includes trademarks, copyrights, patents, and an idea or industrial design.

The existence of copyright and patent protection plays a role in encouraging innovation and creativity. Especially for workers in the creative industry.

Launching, Deputy of IPR Facilities and Regulation of the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), Ari Juliano Gema, assesses that IPR is the core of the creative economy industry.

It is important to register a person’s IPR for his product or work. Of course, to protect their innovative products.

However, there are still a few creative economy actors who protect their products. The cause is a lack of awareness and understanding of IPR. That’s why law firm Jakarta need to educated the public

“From the beginning, there was very little understanding of HaKI, so there was no awareness to protect it,” he said.

In commemoration of World Intellectual Property Day this year, Indonesia takes the theme “Proud to Use the Original”. Through this theme, Indonesia seeks to campaign against piracy.

In addition, the promotion of the importance of HaKI is also included so that people start to realize and understand. So, creative economy entrepreneurs can register their work.

“From 2016 it was 11 percent (who registered). Hopefully, by the end of 2019 or 2020 it will reach 50 percent, ”concluded Ari.

In 2016, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo enacted a regulation on patent and trademark rights.

Patent-related regulations are contained in Law no. 13 of 2016 concerning Patents. Meanwhile, related to brands, there is Law no. 20 of 2016 concerning Brands and Geographical Indications.

Intellectual Property Rights in Indonesia are managed by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. Intellectual property, of course, has an impact on the originality of the work.

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