Most Commons Wedding Catering Menu in Jakarta

1. Various preparations of soup

The fresh taste of soto soup is commonly served for wedding catering jakarta menus in buildings. Such as Soto Lamongan, Madura, Betawi, Suci and Soto Mie Bogor. If you are bored, you can try the Coto Makassar dish

2. Various kinds of rice

There are many types of processed rice that can be served besides white rice. For example, rames rice, liwet rice, Hong Kong fried rice, red fried rice to brown fried rice.

3. Processed Satay

Various processed satay are still a favorite, such as chicken satay and goat satay. You can also replace it with taichan sate.

4. Various processed chicken

Such as grilled chicken with Balinese spices, butter fried chicken, rujak seasoned chicken, cheese coated chicken and cusnut chicken. There are also other types of processed chicken, such as chicken teriyaki, chicken cordon bleu and so on.

5. Various processed meats

There are many types of beef processed to be used as a wedding catering menu in the building. Such as soy sauce, teriyaki, rica2, steak, rolade, black pepper meat, krengseng meat, oyster sauce cooked beef to kailan beef.

6. Various processed noodles

There are many types of noodles that can be made as the main dish at weddings. For example, spaghetti, seafood noodles and fried noodles are very famous for their deliciousness.

7. Processed various types of fish

Such as sweet and sour fish dishes, tuna rica-rica, sweet and sour snapper or fillet snapper with red spices.

8. Various kinds of soup

For example, chicken sausage soup, kimlo soup, corn chicken soup, rib soup, beef soup and oxtail soup. Or soup that is on the rise, zuppa soup. Zuppa soup is a soup dish filled with warm corn and chicken and then topped with cream-filled bread.

9. Processed vegetables

This preparation is suitable for vegetarians, and the taste is no less delicious. Examples include capcay, gado-gado, Bangkok slada and other types of vegetables.

Other wedding catering jakarta menus that are no less favorite are meatballs, macaroni schotel, corean BBQ and so on. It depends on the tastes and interests of the owner.

You can serve the following side dishes in the wedding catering menu list in the building:

● Know gejrot

● Chicken wings

● Pempek Palembang

● Seblak spicy

● Siomay

● Prawn crackers or chips

● Bridal salad

In arranging buffet type foods, do the way to arrange the buffet menu properly. Try to use one raw material for one type of food only.

You can choose various lists of wedding catering jakarta menus above, of course, according to the theme that is carried. Make sure everything is presented properly, as a form of gratitude for the presence of the invited guests.

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