What is the difference between Molen and Bolen cakes?

Maybe not many people understand the difference between molen and banana bolen. Well, here are the basic differences between the two.

Those of you who like bananas are certainly familiar with these two processed fruits that have a lot of carbohydrates. Bolen and Molen, have you ever tasted it? At first glance, the two of them do not look different. Even with the name. However, bolen and molen seem to have significant differences.


This one snack is generally found from the afternoon on the side of the road as street food. Usually, banana molen sellers will fry directly on the spot to be served to buyers. The shape of the molen is almost like a cement mixer, but about the size of a snail shell.

The raw materials for molen skin consist of wheat flour, refined sugar, margarine, vanilla, and ice water. After kneading and forming into sheets, this dough is then wrapped around the banana that has been cut into pieces.

Now, molen has undergone several modifications in terms of texture, becoming drier and crunchier. The sizes and contents are also increasingly diverse. Some of the content modifications on the market today include green beans, sweet potatoes, cheese and strawberry jam.


Initially, banana bolen was a souvenir from Bandung. However, now you can find these legit snacks everywhere, from those sold on the side of the road to being displayed in famous shop windows.

The basic ingredients for banana bolen consist of pastry flour, plantain, block chocolate, grated cheese, and liquid milk. Pastry flour is used as a dough for wrapping bananas and chocolate. Then, before baking, bolen is given grated cheese on top.

These various ingredients make banana bolen have a sweet and savory taste that is so tempting. Pastry flour made from wheat flour, margarine, water, sugar and korsvet to form a layered bolen shell. Some banana bolen even contain chocolate when bitten.

You could say, bolen is a more premium processed banana than molen. However, over time, bolen became easier to find. In some cities, you can even find bolen that are sold around using a cart, or even in snack box jakarta

Between the two, which processed banana is your favorite?

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